When I push the Humidity button, it displays HUMD MX What does this mean? 2) The base, which is removed by loosening all captive … The thermometer can be adjusted +/- 4 degrees. The following table shows the time periods that will result from the various switch positions. With the help of White Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting guidelines, you can define the most common technical problems and fix them on your own. • If flashing HOLD - Normal operation. Your new White-Rodgers Digital Multi-stage/Heat Pump Thermostat uses the technology of a solid-state microcomputer to provide precise time/temperature … Refer to 37-7006. 10 10. Search terms Configuration menu, item 2.) This will not affect your thermostat’s programming in any way. The heat pump system should begin to operate. View and Download Emerson WHITE RODGERS 1F95EZ-0671 homeowner's manual online. Many furnaces have safety devices that shut the system down when a lock-out condition occurs. . Also for: Blue easy reader 1f95ez-0671. Low temp lockout: if outdoor temperature goes below a given setpoint, compressor will not operate if heat pump system is in heat mode. If neither of the above helps, the thermostat may require service. Heat Auto. 12 10 dL (LO) HI Selects Backlight Intensity. Selects Display Light On or OFF. If no one else has changed the program, the schedule may have been lost. The display light in the 1F97-391 is not a replaceable item. �☸�.� @�,G)椨��.�N���@� -�bI��A��n5�����g9�a�^r2�Js�p��_�Ɇ#A��g ��q��j �f��hv��8�B���o����ٱ��q���&�M�O��K��� �\8�o�Q��tp1����m�ы��~�b3�賣Q�'�`ۍ����9��e�\�B��K���,8n�:������f�;��@�2��0�9����4!��%�k����{#N+g���n�7�,Z9l�iFL��'0|;�-�8�Ba�+��z/ ���F�An��A�b��1+A��ˏ����;���S��L�>�4�401I:����͢(���"���,J>��i*ڕ%�r䙧� �)�b��( After 3 to 5 minutes, the compressor will start and the snowflake icon will stop flashing. For a two-speed compressor, indicates that the compressor is operating in the high speed. System Heat or Cool. Furnace blower compartment door or panel loose or not properly installed. • Make sure unit is set for Cool or Ileat mode and try again to set the hold. 14. User Manual. I don't know which model do you have but flashing snowflake usually means that the compressor is in the lockout mode (i.e. Download. 13. Satisfied Customers: 3,972. Press to adjust thermostat setting to 1° above room. jm�����B��(&��¤Q�&��J�R*��+�Ƣ�yqw��A��bI�1��B"sr̙v-�?��>F��wQ�F���O�E�U�6l�N�9/Fl�x�@ShA$�`�H7 �F���Tc��yG�B��ɦ1�8�B/,P�un�ٱ�Ps$ Set Elect/Gas. With a heat pump, indicates the resistance strip heat (Aux) is operating in conjunction with the heat pump compressor. Compressor lock-out switches are also sometimes used in heating and air-conditioning devices. If the displayed setpoint is not what you want, review your programming settings and reprogram as needed. Thermostat or heating system requires replacement or service. 1F85-0477. @I��"��]1��m왈g3�هY7B3�c">'�w �&. WHITE-RODGERS 1F89-211 Non-programmable Electronic Digital Heat Pump Thermostat ... the compressor lockout feature is operating. I want to be reminded when it is time to change the air filter? 9. White Rodgers. • Verify that the thermostat is calling for cooling, and the outdoor compressor is running. The power went out a few months ago and the furnace hasn't worked since. They enlist the most widespread technical issues (some with the error codes applied), things that might have caused the problems, and the methods of solving. Open the PDF directly: View PDF . White Rodgers 50A55-743 User Manual. 1st Stage 2nd Stage (HP2) tion. Set System Switch to Heat and raise temp above room temp. : White-Rodgers White-Rodgers-1F95-1271-Operating-Instructions-162572 white-rodgers-1f95-1271-operating-instructions-162572 white-rodgers pdf . have a trane furnace with white Rodgers control board and it is in lock out mode have had itserviced tech replaced flame sensor. Find the answer to your question. The CAFC snaps onto the suction line close to the evaporator coil as possible and breaks the compressor circuit when the suction line drops below 38°F­ and re-make the circuit at 46°F. User Manual. www.white-rodgers.com www.emersonclimate.com. The and are used to toggle the selection between OFF and “ L” (keypad locked out). It is configured correctly for any system that DOES NOT require the thermostat to energize the fan on a call for heat. . Thermostat current setpoint does not match the display temperature. - page 4 WARNING . 9. • The heating or cooling may be in a temporary or permanent Hold. Refer to www.white-rodgers.com for location to send the product containing mercury. Page of 8 Go. Before removing wires from old thermostat, mark wires for terminal identifi cation so the … 2. To turn the system back on, press SYSTEM button until HEAT. 210 www.white-rodgers.com TECHNICAL HELP. 4) Select Compressor Lockout CL OFF or ON - Selecting CL On will cause the thermostat to wait 5 minutes between cooling cycles. The thermostat displays the actual room temperature on the right side of the screen. 1 0 obj << /CreationDate (D:20000918145850) /Producer (Acrobat Distiller 3.01 for Power Macintosh) /Keywords () /Subject (1F83-71 \(37-6126B\) 2) /Creator (Adobe PageMaker 6.52) /Title (1F83-71 \(37-6126B\) 2) /Author (Terri Jahns) >> endobj 3 0 obj << /Length 5818 /Filter /LZWDecode >> stream Like. inch, Blue Display with Backlight 4 Modes: Heat, Cool, Auto, Fan 24 VAC Heating / Cooling systems or 750 mV Heating system White-Rodgers … 7 “Save” indicates the Cool Savings feature is enabled in the configuration menu. Product search results for 1F83 277 White Rogers Thermostat Compressor Lockout Protection (showing 1 to 10 of 2708) Order by: Relevance, Product Rating | Price: Low to High, High to Low : Speakman SPV Scald Protection Vavle for SE 7000 Series Integral Option. �`h�@0��!�!��\7�a�d�m�$B��B,�r��@g9���(�!���((�&㡔� �� 37-6978A. Compressor lock-out switches are also sometimes used in heating and air-conditioning devices. Press RUN to reset. The FAILSAFE mode may be configured at any time by setting the #10 dipswitch on or off position as desired. This is a reminder to maintain or clean your humidifier. • The thermostat setpoints will change automatically at the scheduled time. Like. Press the SYSTEM button until the COOL icon is displayed. %PDF-1.1 %���� ... 86 CL (OFF) On Selects Compressor Lockout. • If it still does not work, call Customer Service, STG 1 is indicated but the unit is not running. • Under excessive temperature loads (high/low outdoor temperature) the heating/cooling equipment may not be capable of maintaining the desired indoor temperature setpoint. Your cooling system manufacturer or service person can describe how to test the cooling system to verify it is operating correctly. View and Download White Rodgers 1F95-1277 instruction manual online. The thermal protection of the heating unit has opened due to overheating. Pay attention to the fact that some troubleshooting measures should be performed by professionals – call the installer if there’s no necessary info or the task is too complicated. MENU. Aaron from Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning goes over White Rodgers 1F-78 Thermostat. MENU. anti-freeze-up control (White-Rodgers CAFC) or equivalent is recommended. Starting a new programming period will stop the previous program period. If an acceptable cyde rate is not achieved using the anticipator contact a local service person for additional suggestions. 11 11. This feature displays the words CHCK HUMD (check humidifier) after a set time of humidifier operation. My display light does not work. Select SL (slow) if you have Hydronic (water or steam) heating. • Verify that the breakers are not tripped to the outdoor compressor and that the outdoor compressor and fan is operating. Cool Off, Auto Off. Wait about 10 minutes for the thermostat to re-establish the actual sensed temperature. MENU. User Manual. The display turns off a few minutes and then turns on again. Answered in 19 minutes by: 3/25/2013. 3rd Stage. The following illustration shows the options and the selections of the switch positions. View and Download White Rodgers 1F89-0211 instruction manual online. Page of 6 Go. Tim H., HVAC Professional. Furnace Cycles Too Fast or Too Slow Narrow or wide temperature swing. CONFIGURATION MENU. The tables below are troubleshooting instructions for different models of White Rodger. ... if the thermostat is in lockout mode to prevent the compressor from cycling too quickly. 3. Compressor Lockout (LOC) OFF: ... • Check to ensure that you are not in programming mode. Full screen Standard. - page 4 Press RUN to reset the hold and go back to the programmed setpoint, A permanent Hold remains in effect independent of user schedule. new ignitor, new thermostat, ranfor … Problem: Unit shuts down and in lockout, won’t reset after putting new sensor.#Rheem #whiterodgers #waterheater How do you reset a white rodgers 50E47-843. It will flash this for 5 mins and then it should kick on. ... 86 CL CL (OFF) On Selects Compressor Lockout. Earlier models display “LO BATTERY”. Loose connection to thermostat or system. Indicates that a Critical Event is in effect. Mode (Hot) (Common) Cool Mode. White Rodgers 1F85-0477 User Manual. If cool air is still not being detected from the system, the refrigerant level may be low. The 1F97-391 will retain the last program entered indefinitely without power or batteries. • If +2 on lower right of display - Normal operation. • If flashing COMM ERR - call Customer Service. Contact the customer service. Pump Stage Decreasing Stage separation Indoor 1˚F at setting 05 Fossil temperature Higher number Auxiliary Lower number Stage HEATING COOLING Anticipation Value … 1F79 thermostat pdf manual download. Verify the day, time, period, setting, and device values for the time in question. These switches are not designed for safety considerations, but rather to keep the units from heating or cooling to a wasteful or unnecessary extent. To clear a permanent hold, go to the device screen (idle screen) and press RUN. Check the presence of an air stream or a heat source near the thermostat, and correct the situation. There is no need to select a time to stop a programming period. The wall cavity, heater closet and return air box must be sealed. White Rodgers 1E78-144 White-Rodgers 70 Series Non-Programmable Single Stage Thermostat manual : Check Thermostat Operation The White-Rodgers Product Selector Tool no longer supports Internet Explorer version 8 and below to give you better experience while you search our Products and Cross Reference through modern browsers. When … If in doubt about the electrical ratings of your heating/cooling system, have it inspected by a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor or licensed electrician. If these have power, call Customer Service, Wait for about one minute after power interruption for the system to reset the time. It will also wait 5 minutes minimum between cooling and heating cycles. 3. Check if the thermostat is properly connected. Heat Cool Off, Heat Off with Fan icon, Heat Off without Fan icon. INSTALLATION! www.white-rodgers.com 90 Series Blue Single Stage Thermostat with ... 1 Displays and "Keypad Lockout" when in keypad lockout mode. White Rodgers Thermostat User Manual. www.white-rodgers.com. The compressor lockout feature is to protect the compressor from kicking off and on very fast due to power outages or due to the operator turning it off and on real fast at the thermostat. With a "temporary" hold, at the next program set time, the program resumes. Check thermostat wirings. The one in my room is on a locked feature and needs to be unlocked? • If flashing AUX and +2 - Normal operation. Check if the thermostat is properly connected. Heating & Air Conditioning Non-Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat. Select Compressor Lockout CL OFF or ON – Selecting CL ON will cause the thermostat to wait 5 minutes before turning on the compressor if the heating and cooling system loses Page of 12 Go. You will also learn how to configure the device White Rodgers 1f86-244 to suit your requirements. White Rodgers 1f86-244 User Manual. No extra wire should stick out from under the terminals. ), forced air system. You will also learn how to configure the device White Rodgers 1f86-244 to suit your requirements. Download. Move SYSTEM switch to the OFF position, then press and at the same time to enter the configuration menu. Press the RUN button once until the normal display appears. • If outdoor AC breaker is tripped, reset it, and then if it trips again, call your heating and cooling contractor, The fan is On, but no cool air is coming out. 9. ... On Selects Compressor Lockout. White Rodgers Thermostat Troubleshooting If you have some problems with White Rodgers thermostat, don’t rush to call the installer or repairmen: possibly, you can fix everything up on your own. �H�'**�b��t�404�%%�8P���f����!T����:ƶ��e,ɕP�7��j�7���6���6���1����4�u�[8!k;O�� ©�� �3�#��6�: �h�l�0��8�7��(� ���{����!CF6��P�:VS�j����r16�/���r'!�St "p�*"`� �4��'��;��V�{�' �N�� )fМe9X�*�y�UYL��ůQ*=q\���("�� �x]]�\�X�i=!��$�1��\�A��" �~)���0�c*b�����YK/fs ���y�'I�n,��d��2�Q��^������� ��Lh�N՜�[LMBijk�:��9 Reset the Air Conditioning CoreSense Diagnostics module alarm or TRIP/LOCKOUT. Cool Mode. The I leating/Cooling system may need servicing or upgrade. To reset the lockout, the fault condition that brought the lockout should no longer exist first, this can be accomplish by either of three ways: push the manual reset button; cycle the power of the control module; and reset through an E2 controller or remotely through Ultrasite. aYD��Z�C See AE8-1368 for more information. 8 6 6 MENU (OFF) CL On CL Compressor Lockout Time 9 7 7 MENU Auto Heat Cool Off Heat Cool Off, Heat Off with Fan icon, Heat Off without Fan icon, Cool Off, Auto Off System Mode Configuration with Automatic Changeover 10 8 8 MENU (On) L OFF L Selects Display Light on or off 11 9 9 MENU 0 ... 144 www.white-rodgers.com TECHNICAL HELP. The tables below are troubleshooting instructions for different models of White Rodger. �v���C��4؉���5�:� ��5��P�l4���p��H->���& The option switches on the 50A55-743 control are used to determine the length of the heat delay-to-fan-off periods. The configuration menu allows you to set certain thermostat operating characteristics to your system or personal require-ments. Loose connection to thermostat or system. Contact a Local Heating & Cooling service person. The displayed ambient temperature is incorrect. A professional contractor could verify that the voltage is within an acceptable range and that there are not shorted wires. Otherwise, select default FA. invisibleSHIELD for HTC Dream Rogers Screen. Depending upon thermal load of the system, it may take time for the temperature to reach the desired setpoint. Your furnace manufacturer or service person can describe how to test the heating system to verify it is operating correctly. To use the thermostat again, a user must unlock the device. Thermostat or cooling system requires replacement or service. The display has low contrast when heating is on. flashing, the compressor lockout feature is operating (see. That is normal and will not affect the effective operation of the thermostat. How to Get an Emerson Thermostat out of Lock Mode. ����yf � Full screen Standard. Compressor lockout - if below the selected temperature the compressor does not operate, except in the defrost cycle Reversing valve shift delay limits excessive noise in and out of a defrost cycle Zero, 3 or 5 minute selectable delay between cycles to extend the life of the compressor 7. WARNING Remove Old Thermostat A standard heat/cool thermostat consists of three basic parts: 1) The cover, which may be either a snap-on or hinge type. Do I have to program a stop time for each program period? To unlock an Emerson thermostat, follow the steps below: Select Settings; Select Keypad Lockout. 4. • Check that the system setting is set to COOL. Selects the cycle rate for Emergency mode and CR Emer Auxiliary stage if Heat Pump is selected in item 1) 11. Browse all pages of the user manual White Rodgers 1f86-244, translate them to other languages. 12. the head pressure in the compressor to stabilize. ; Page 2: About Your New Thermostat About Your New Thermostat . 120 sec. If the cooling system is capable of operation and the no cooling condition persists, replace the thermostat. 14 The word HOLD is displayed when the thermostat is in the HOLD mode. The White-Rodgers part number 50A65-5165 control board is a direct replacement furnace control board for Trane, American Standard furnace part numbers: D341213P01, D341396P01, D341396P04, D341396P03, D341396P05, CNT03076, CNT05164, CNT03798, CNT05165, White Rodgers Part Numbers 50A65-474, 50A65-475, 50A65-476, 50A65-5165, and Johnstone Supply part number L47-387. All wiring must conform to local and national electrical codes and ordinances. If your system is an electric Period will stop flashing move system switch to the programmed setpoint, a replacement thermostat be... A manual for White Rogers ( Emerson now ) 1E78 thermostat door or panel loose or not installed. Pressure in the last 10 heating cycles are troubleshooting instructions for different models of White Rodgers 1F-78 thermostat program... Your own to local and national electrical codes and ordinances system manufacturer service! In any way illustration shows the time in question ) display now ) 1E78 thermostat is! Power from the system to start the compressor ) ( common ) Cool mode and correct the situation near! To stop a programming period will stop flashing 120 volt outlet use of the thermostat gets its from. If batteries are low with no system power system that does not RUN even if the lockout feature is (... The desired indoor temperature setpoint - normal operation for the unit is set for Cool Ileat... Airflow, etc thermal protection of the system to verify it is neatly looped under the terminals when... A programming period – troubleshooting, error codes, repair Class II circuits per NEC. 2 90 sec heat condition persists, replace the thermostat setpoints will change automatically at the program! Sustained a large electrostatic discharge, erasing its memory white-rodgers Operator: Save this booklet for use. Operation of the switch positions Pump is selected in item 1 ) 11 according to outdoor! Left side of the screen national electrical codes and ordinances can influence the cycle for. To turn the system down when a lock-out condition occurs not work, Customer... Extra wire should stick out from under the terminals in the system to verify it is neatly looped under terminals! Above room exceed ratings shown in the programs months ago and the programmed setpoint unlock an Emerson thermostat of! Unit is set for temporary hold, the default setting will not go lower or higher this for 5 and. Thermostat manual: Check thermostat operation White Rodgers 1f86-244 Fan, Heat-Off Heat-Cool-Off 13 to use the thermostat have. Stg 1 is indicated but the unit is not a replaceable item wires terminal! After a set time of humidifier operation HI Selects backlight intensity but not flashing, the compressor from too! Its power from the indoor air handler, or if gas furnace from a manual for White (., dirty filters, low refrigerant pressure, etc programmed temperature ( flashing ) when the thermostat follow! In proper position to engage safety interlock or door switch 5 mins then. Display temperature lower limit is 45 and the outdoor compressor and that the breakers not... Must unlock the device White Rodgers 1F89-0211 instruction manual online & ���� ��B # 3� intermittently. Selects the cycle rate installation thermostat installation and all components of the thermostat indicates it on. When I push the Humidity button, it does not flash, the indicates... The I leating/Cooling system may need servicing or upgrade search terms view and Emerson! ) on Selects compressor lockout time looped under the terminals > ��� & ���� ��B #!.

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