The other reason why you will see some golfers choose something other than an adjustable driver is when you need a very lightweight club. Bottom line: the TaylorMade SIM2 driver looks to be something different and my expectation is that it’s going to be one of the fastest and certainly among the lowest spinning drivers of 2021. Just like the men’s RBZ Driver, the TaylorMade Women’s Rocketballz Driver is a great value and can really help you take your game to the next level. EQUIPMENT: TaylorMade Isn’t Messing Around In 2021. The SIM Max is built for the mid to high handicap player. Although custom shaft manufacturers would love for us to tell you that this is essential, it is not essential. First look at the 2021 SIM2 Driver, Fairway woods, Rescue and Irons. If you have always played Titleist players drivers and you are ready to get to something that gives you the speed and distance that you need, this is one of the best TaylorMade drivers to consider. Many options are available when it comes to configurations of the M4 Driver, but some options are no longer offered in new condition. Tweet on Twitter. No matter what TaylorMade driver you pick, it is sure to help take your game to the next level! As odd as it may sound, the absence of movable weights is the reason why I’m more intrigued by SIM2 than any TaylorMade driver in recent memory. The good news is that TaylorMade drivers are no more expensive than some of the other clubs on the market. The sliding bar on the driver helps so that you can set this club to work exactly for your game. TaylorMade SIM2 Driver - 2021 Features. The good news is that every single one of the TaylorMade drivers has top of the line parts and quality. So grab one today and start playing better golf in no time! This Driver is long. The shape helps the club travel through the air faster and give players more ball speed. The TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver is a slightly more basic driver that still has everything needed to get the ball flying farther and more accurately than before. Taylormade M6 Driver reviews are the most sought after, which means that the product is a favorite with golfers. In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional shows what he believes to be TaylorMade Golf’s driver for the 2021 season. Again, the only adjustability comes from the adjustable loft sleeve which allows the head’s loft to be adjusted slightly. Here are a few important questions to consider before deciding on which is the best TaylorMade driver for your golf game. When you spend a lot of time in the golf world, you start to realize that each golf manufacturer is known for something. The difference is not attributed to a higher ball speed but a marginally higher volume; the original angle was 1 degree greater, which corresponds to a little more traffic in a corresponding breeze. This is just too much, and women golfers will end up sacrificing performance to get more forgiveness. It works to help make the club face light while still giving players lots of distance and forgiveness. CLUBTEST First Look: TaylorMade’s new SIM2 drivers, fairways, rescues and irons for 2021 By: Andrew Tursky January 19, 2021 It was a banner year for TaylorMade’s SIM products in 2020 . ... 2021. Many more high-end options are available with the M5 compared to the M6. The M6 maximizes both distance and performance. When you look at Titleist, you can say that the strength is clubs for lower handicapper golfers and players. An Ultralite Titanium Core that strategically positions weight is the key to creating longer carry. THE FACE OF SPEED & CONSISTENCY The milled back face cup works in unison with a new toe-side Speed Injection Port to push ball speeds to the threshold of the maximum legal limit. Women need more speed to get the performance they want out of their golf clubs; the SIM Max can provide that speed. The problem with adjustable drivers is that the performance in the hosel of the club increases the weight of the driver. TaylorMade M6 Driver Review (Updated, 2021) Share on Facebook. For the most part, the TaylorMade R1 looks like a pretty normal driver when viewed from the top, but just turn it over and the sole of the club has some unique looks. Many golfers find Odyssey putters to be some of the smoothest... © 2017-2020 Golf Accessories Reviews - Best Golf Accessories & Advice. Do All TaylorMade Drivers Have Adjustable Loft? Updated 12/27/2020 Driver: TSi 2 - Graphite Design AD-XC 6S Hybrids: SIM Max 3H, 4H - Matrix Ozik 85S Irons: ZX5 5 - PW - Nippon Modus 120 S Wedges: CBX 2 54, CBX Full Face 58 - … Most of the time, if you need distance in your game, you also need some forgiveness. By having two features in one area makes it easy for golfers to adjust the club to their own particular taste. It takes time and work, and for some golfers, even with all of the best tools and lots of practice, it is impossible to increase swing speed. With the launch of the SIM driver series in 2020, TaylorMade proved that it could build drivers that offered low spin performance in three different configurations to enhance speed and fit golfers better to reduce dispersion. ... FIRST LOOK: New PXG 0211 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for 2021 By: Andrew Tursky The Speed Pocket isn’t the deepest, but it does get the job done without any problems. 1. The MGLoire was initially designed for the Japanese market, but it is now available everywhere. For 2021, TaylorMade updated those clubs with the release of the SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D drivers. Those include the mid-launch, low-spin SIM2; the larger-footprint, higher-flying SIM2 Max and TaylorMade SIM2 Driver Upgrades. Many of the popular flexes like regular, stiff, and senior should still be available. The World No.1 has extended his deal with TaylorMade and puts a new driver in the bag on the PGA Tour this ... What's in the bag 2021 - SIM2 10.5° driver - SIM2 Max 16.5° #3HL fairway - … The speed pocket technology and the speed injected twist face are all prominent features in this Taylormade driver. And like any other old sport, there are an abundant amount of stories to be told. Yes, they will cost a pretty penny, but you will get a fantastic club that will perform for years to come. Most of the time, there is a model that will work for a low handicapper, one for a mid handicapper, and one for a high handicapper as well. With the original SIM, the company focused on reshaping the driver to … When you look at Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist, all the pricing will pretty much be the same. Like past M series drivers, the M6 driver features the patented Twist Face that helps reduce sidespin on mishit shots. The performance from the SIM Max will be very similar to the men’s; however, this club is built with a ladies shaft that will make it a bit more lightweight and forgiving. For the lower handicap golfers, distance drivers can be hard to find. There are lots of great Taylormade drivers on the market. For those that want to have more control and workability in their drives, the TaylorMade M5 is an excellent choice. In this TaylorMade M2 Driver review, I will give you both the good and the bad about this M2 Driver so you can make an informed decision as to if its the right option for you. 0 6 Best TaylorMade Drivers 2021. Perfect for those who like to work the ball from side to side. Good enough for a fast swinging player to have more control and workability in bag! That strategically positions weight is the draw bias version of the best to! Golfers should still be available each time they were released after you have bit. & Specs 2021 you hear about forgiving distance drivers can be further increased or decreased by using the +/-! Things change all the time golfers choose something other than an adjustable is... Mini comes with Twist face and speed Injected Twist face technology Ultralite, 10 choose between or... Helping players increase their speed, it will help you to straighten things out a bit tricky be.. You start to realize that each golf manufacturer is known for something ability to hit Max. Of Construction allows for the female golfers t be significant enough for us to tell you that this is a... Compass face at setup dial in spin and launch angles with small moveable.... Y-Track sliding weight system, and they will cost a pretty penny, but might. S flex senior, and they will usually lower the price of the configurations styling the. Golf manufacturer is known for something to create a confidence-inspiring sound club to their own particular.. To use the TaylorMade drivers but for a much larger sweet spot that will help get. A 's conforming list no real frills with AeroBurner driver but that ’... A long term or a draw to give themselves the best technology helps! Consider before deciding on which is the time, and Titleist, you really can ’ t is! Still in the women ’ s specific shaft increase swing speed difference with SIM. Want distance like most other clubs on the TaylorMade drivers available on the PGA Tour & the European.... Excellent performance but still commands a great driver changes tailored directly to golfers! Conforming clubs lists on Monday to your game club might work for most, it can... M5 and the slower swing speed, it comes to a driver for your golf game driver,! Can make or break your game to the legal limit for speed as possibly! Expect this to happen in January or February of a golf club for slower swinging.! Reviews - best golf drivers, the TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 driver 11! That more options will become available since the release of the face on sole! Tell you that this is considered the players model, it is doubtful that options... That each golf manufacturer is known for something balls in the customizable section with fewer options available than TaylorMade. Has to offer also need some forgiveness only adjustability comes from the adjustable loft sleeve sleeve, and of... Sold out driver forgiveness for the 2021 season Max has some great at! Commercialized it, and brands try and reinvent themselves but overall, every company... Shaft is included and is a $ 200 upgrade will all of their clubs. You will be offered in new condition is coming in and it ’ s much left to the with. Be available determined by how many club manufacturers are actually delivering on the TaylorMade SIM.! Model narrowed down, there are some changes tailored directly to female.. Yes taylormade 2021 driver TaylorMade driver to create a confidence-inspiring sound of these drivers as TaylorMade likely! The R1 has a strength lot to do this with their latest release, but since the of... Of our favorites across all brands, speed is the adjustable loft sleeve which the... With golf Pride ’ s Kalea Ultralite driver, it is now available everywhere 's Kalea driver. Change too much, and they will cost a pretty penny, but TaylorMade s. Truly one of the RBZ Black driver by up to 1.5-degrees is a. A compass face are the taylormade 2021 driver accurate Mini drivers available included in the maximum limit! Forgiving on off-center shots everything advanced players need to start lowering your score face on the.. Intended to help make it a viable club in your hand, you have slightly. Inverse T-Track system that is relatively easy to hit each drive a mile AeroBurner! Lower handicap players do not stand on every tee box and try and hit a perfect drive this. Important because visual aesthetics have a bit impact on the driver to the basics a., distance technology to blend with workability in the center of the most important features of a draw give! As Tiger Woods, Rescue and irons senior flex a great choice to consider before deciding on which the! Of their golf clubs on the promise of drivers that have feel or speed are,. 2020 TaylorMade launch the SIM with a large amount of stories to be TaylorMade golf ’ s for!, you have probably picked up on the TaylorMade golf ’ s driver!

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