Even in southern CA, wall insulation is nice to have. They are expensive and tend to be used by people interested in natural materials, or wanting walls that breathe. The average cost to skim a ceiling can range anywhere between £200-£500 for a professional plasterer. I was told the price to do this would be between 20 and 30 cents a square foot. Note: £260/day is the typical rate for a plasterer and labourer team to install plasterboard in a new house. It’s better to carefully and selectively replace the walls that need it than to do a tear-down and replacement of everything on the cheap. What % up charge would you say to expect with plaster? Look folks, the three coat plaster system wall is dead, and not coming back. Modern veneer plasters are just drywall or blueboard (which is special type of drywall) with 1/16, maybe 1/8″ of gypsum plaster skimmed over it. As above — it’s fast and relatively easy. I just wanted to thank you for helping me learn more about plaster and drywall. If you have any cracks in your walls you should apply scrim tape. The techniques and methods involved in plastering are not easy to master. If we didn’t have such a great resource for it, choosing plaster over drywall would have been a harder decision. Sherri, you sum up what’s wrong here in the U.S. It’s all about money, right? +1 for plaster’s bullet resistance compared to drywall! © You can re-wire an old plaster house the same way they did it when electricity was first installed – by fishing the wires behind the baseboards. I’m also not a drywall or plaster installer, so I don’t think you need to worry about me working on your house. Drywall compound and tape are applied to the seams between boards, and the compound is also coated over the fasteners to cover up the heads. If I have my house appraised will it be worth more with plaster walls or will it not make a difference? These are for reinforcement. Good luck with the project! I bet if you emailed him to solve it in a professional manner ot would have been done just as expediently. Unfortunately I don’t personally know any plasterers in Ventura county. 4m x 3m room re-skim. Thanks! 3. If this is the case, you should first determine whether the crack extends entirely through the paper covering the seam, in addition to determining if the tape has pulled loose from the wall. Once skim has gone hard you cannot work with it anymore, the only option is to smooth it is by sanding, which will take forever and is incredibly tiring working with your arms overhead! Before you dive into hanging drywall in a vintage or high-end home, consider the alternative of plaster. As many of you know by now, I’m a stickler for historic accuracy when it comes to remodeling. Give them a call. Replaster or a skim for long term solution. my house was built in 1926 in Burbank and the lath is maple wood. Choosing the right company to replaster your pool is a very important decision. The house flippers here are crass and ignorant and ripping all the plaster out of out 100+ year old houses. Remember to value your time! Replumbing, rewiring AND insulating is pretty tricky to do effectively without access to the inside of your walls. Don’t Replaster your pool until you read this. Anyway, they had to tear it down due to fire and smoke. No tar on road outside house heavy traffic using our road cracks forming in corners of house looks like opening up they placed a box on side of road that was twelve months ago they said they would contact me but haven’t worried about house. Having pre wet the spot board pour the plaster on to … While the compound is still wet, place a strip of fiberglass tape over the seam. In restoration work, you may want to go back to traditional plastering methods. In most cases, these kits come with a reinforced center panel surrounded by self-sticking tape requiring you to simply adhere the patch to the wall and cover with drywall compound. Also, do you recommend any material or technique for matching the texture of the plaster? If you have it, keep it; rehab it with a good skim and it will last lifetimes if not abused too much. But plasterboard has advantages, too — it offers speedy installation with no drying period or cracks. I should have cut access for wiring where needed and blown in fiberglass, patch the wiring runs and insulation holes, and done. How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Plaster is more fire resistant than drywall. I cannot find anybody in San Diego who would be an experienced plaster installer and familiar and willing to work with blue board. Because a falling plaster ceiling is basically falling limestone, I choose lighter weight , softer drywall. Then use a knife or saw to expand the crack through the wall surface and into the stud cavity. That has to be the longest running sentence, double *sigh*……. I’m interested to see what this looks like or how the application is done over time. First, you’ll want to gather all your needed materials, which is no small task. Do you know if they used an accelerator or retarder? Made of cellulose – tougher and stronger than plasterboard, meaning you can attach most fixings to it – it can be jointed easily by a novice and simply painted over. Why “faux” when you can do the real thing? While there isn’t a lot of difference in cost between the materials involved in wet and dry plastering, it takes twice as long to do the work on wet plastering, increasing labour costs. We’re struggling to work out what to do about the whole thing as the weeks slip by and we can’t move our family in or continue to next stages. . Here's my take on drywall vs skim vs full update. What would you say is the life expectancy of drywall, versus plaster? The joints between the boards are covered with scrim (i.e. My plaster guy wants to use greenboard, which I know is wrong. If soft and chalky, sometings wrong. Longevity is not really an issue with drywall, as it is intended to be disposable and cheap to purchase and install. If you’re paranoid about that kind of thing this may sway your thinking. I tore out plaster on recommendation from a contractor. Just ran across this. US Gypsum actually came, took samples of their Diamond Veneer, did testing on them, and is laying fault at the feet of the contractor saying the veneer dried too quickly and didn’t cure properly. Signs that it may be time to start planning to replaster the pool include: Mineral Stains: Copper, iron and other minerals in the water can stain the plaster, giving the pool a dingy look. Ceiling - 12 square metres x £9.00 = £108.00. A professional plaster will complete the job much faster than an amateur. Good luck! USG makes a spray on clear sealer that might keep it from chalking. Thanks for explaining the benefits of plaster. What would be my best bet to repair these problem areas? Fill edges with dura bond 90 and any heavy fill. Drywall consists of gypsum sheets (sheetrock) screwed or nailed to the studs. If you’re doing drywall like almost everyone I strongly suggest you at least try using some of the modern plastering products out there to lay over it, such as Vasari’s. Once this is dry, the decorator can prepare the surface for paint or wallpaper. 1. We were able to find a true plaster craftsman with decades of experience and a great reputation here in San Diego. The contactors that I have talked to want to tear down all the plaster walls to rewire, replumb and insulate the house. Very interesting comments about plaster wall construction used before sheetrock. Too bad veneer is not more well known, it is amazingly affordable if done right. Plastering is a real skill that can’t be mastered by watching a few YouTube videos. Walls which are intact but have a poor surface because of previous patching could be another candidate. Remember, no painting is needed the paint is within the product. The job prices out to nearly the same as doing a Level 6 drywall and then painting several coats of paint. 2. Get the latest news, expert advice and product inspiration straight to your inbox. But drywall has some advantages under other adverse circumstances, like the ability to dry out and re-harden when it gets wet from behind, rather than just turning to sand the way plaster often does. The outside has redwood planks that have the tar paper and chicken wire and then the stucco. If you have experience with plaster and/or drywall and their pros and cons, we welcome your comments below. We don’t have deep pockets and are trying to do as much as we can ourselves. Plaster is much harder than drywall. Hi Sam, I’d say my thoughts still pretty much stand from when the post was written. http://www.diyplastering.co.uk Learn how to skim a ceiling - the basic diy skills needed for skimming a ceiling. Wow, I don’t want you anywhere near my house. Anyone looking at the skip trowel finish and bull-nose details on the new plaster would have no idea it wasn’t original to the house. how long can one expect each to last in a house of normal usage? Plaster is harder than drywall, and as a result is better able to weather daily wear and tear. If you plan to do it yourself without much experience, drywall is definitely. It’s interesting to learn that modern plaster is applied over a blue board. If the hole doesn’t extend to studs on either side, you’ll need to reinforce it yourself using a piece of drywall slightly larger than the hole. Hi TJ. Expect a price tag of about $800 to plaster a 100 square foot surface.First, you will have to prepare the walls. While I appreciate the supportive comment, we don’t tolerate abusive / blatantly disrespectful comments. Maybe we’ll luck out and an actual appraiser will weigh-in here, but if not, I’d call an appraiser or two and just get their opinion on it if you’re actually considering using one material over another for the purposes of maximizing the house value or appraisal. Just giving a shout out for the Bellingham mention. The 1/2″ drywall ceiling will be the code required thermal block (remember to use longer screws). Skimming, also known as top coat plastering, is the most common type of job for plasterers and can usually be carried out by a single person on their own. What compound to you recommend for skim coating to match the plaster adjacent to the drywall patch? Make sure you have a good amount of mud under the tape ( if paper tape) wipe tight and pretty clean, let dry. Plastering FAQ The wind-driven rain found its way into the front wall of our house and traveled down into the basement. Another possiblity is that the plasterer used regular joint compound to fix imperfections. You might also find someone through AngiesList.com. Because it’s wet, it takes a long time to dry and this can also lead to hairline cracking issues with unwelcome callbacks and redecorating costs. Unlike stiff-drying mortar, plaster dries fairly soft and it is this pliability that makes it perfect for a soft, smooth finish for a substratum foundation for priming or paint coat application. the other option was to have two layers of heavy weight lining paper put up over well sanded walls - which is the option we went for. I’ve looked through the internet but am coming up short. I am going to DIY with a couple of guys a new system to plaster over fresh drywall. For a great finish, you really need to hire a recommended pro with years of experience. Many self-builders favour wet plaster because it matches the look and feel of traditional materials, it offers better sound­proofing and airtightness, and doesn’t cause problems in fixing items to the walls (unlike some boards). Having applied scrim tape to the joints and nail heads of the wall that you are about to skim, mix the correct amount of plaster to a smooth creamy consistency making sure that ALL lumps are out and dry patches around the mixing bucket are mixed in. What’s the best way to finish internal walls and ceilings? Either wall type will have a much shorter lifespan when subjected to excess moisture, vibration, physical impacts, etc. Is there a less invasive way to proceed? Sure, drywall guys will tell you they can match any texture, but drywall is still very different from plaster. It is still difficult to fix shelving and radiators to, and doesn’t offer the same level of sound-proofing as wet plaster unless you use a high-performance board. It is possibly to have a fine dust on the surface, which is easily wiped off and then sealed or painted, as long as the plaster is hard and well bonded to veneer base. here's a chainsaw." I went to a place called Squires Belt, which looks like it changed names: http://www.gwbm.com/ We are doing a historic renovation, but my contractor is trying to get me to rip out all the plaster walls so we can re-insulate (instead of drilling holes at the top, since I don’t have balloon framing), re-plumb that bad plumbing jobs that took out the pocket doors, and rewire to code. Dot and Dab is as suggested above sticking boards to walls with adhesive, then next technique as above also is tape and jointing (using feather edge boards, skrim taping and using jointing compound to fill the gaps and light sand after drying. Let him know Marc Lyman sent you over! Please refresh the page and try again. We did not realize American Clay did not have the rights to this photo, nor did we know you were the rights holder. Ooooh, we forgot to discuss the bullet resistance too, which can be an important consideration in some neighborhoods. The majority of the interior walls are the original lath & plaster. The color is in the Vella system and so no painting is needed. Sorry again for any distress this caused you and best of luck with your work. If your walls predate 1900 it is certainly lime, a vastly superior material which has the unfortunate nature of taking way too long to cure. I abhor drywall and will NEVER use it… Except on ceilings. All this, while the original plaster walls that don’t have problems can be lightly re-surfaced and left alone. “. This project is for skimming as the original plasterboards are in good condition; just the surface plaster is poor. Plaster has been around much longer than drywall, and, as a result, you can find buildings hundreds of years old that might still have their original plaster intact. Plastering also adds some sound and heat insulation, and it is fire-proof too. I wanted the plaster put back up but funding is not there.Do drywall and plaster have the same insulation properties or is one better then the other? Plastering requires the use of specialised tools and equipment that you wouldn’t want to purchase just for the occasional plast… They cut into it when installing the new heat/air system, but workers were impressed how thick and solid it is. If you can find a good plaster guy, it’s insane not to go that route. Mark. I think his number is (619) 957-3267. It is also possible the material was old. Bath For our particular projects, several obsessive intrusive thoughts things convinced me to select plaster instead of drywall: Companies like USG make a plaster in a multitude of varieties for specific uses. . There are few things more frustrating than a crack or hole appearing in your drywall, and while there are certain steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of either taking shape, sometimes they are simply inevitable. Just sand with ultra fine grit instead of burnishing (which requires some practice anyway). The photo is copyrighted. . Let set and dry. All rights reserved. After the inevitable painting, wallpapering, un-wallpapering, texturing and un-texturing,cutting and patching that will happen over the life of a house, it will be impossible to guess what the original wall finish of each wall was. Because we had plaster instead of drywall, the termites did minimal damage. Let that coat dry and then sand, wipe, and paint as you would for a surface crack. The 6 inch knife is not optimal , but would work. Since the fasteners go all the way through it, it’s less likely to split down the middle and fall on someone. You may be able to find contractors that are more preservation-minded who can find ways to save some of the plaster from demolition. You are using it without permission, without paying for it, and without crediting its source. well written article and very accurate. Many people consider plaster finishes to be more high end than drywall, and they have seen a surge in popularity. The old house on the property has been around 321 years so we have been trying to build the new one to last too. As to which one will last longer, until we’ve seen drywall that’s been around for 150+ years, my vote would go to a quality plaster install. It’s just not going to happen in a week. The finish coat can be gypsum skim plaster or taped and jointed. That said all three coat walls are not equal, and much of the pure gypsum walls done in the US from 1900 to the 1940’s are not much more solid feeling than drywall. Still, even the very thin gypsum plaster walls of the 30’s and 40’s can be shored up to feel more solid like the earlier walls. Prices will depend on the size of the surface area and the complexity of the task. Really, it's worth it. I really appreciate your article but have one question that you maybe able to answer. Once the compound is dry, add a second thin coat over the taped area, spreading the compound out onto the surrounding surface. USG says it dried too quickly, it must have been hot and windy for it to dry too quickly, and the plasterer should know that. Your use is a violation of copyright law—- it’s illegal. A father figure also involved Marc in many home improvement projects, including a summer of home remodeling in Palo Alto, CA. This is how much we were told it would cost to skim plaster a front room of average dimensions (7m x 5m). Our local box store sold us some Durabond 90 and mesh tape to use for the joints (I plan to use it to fill in some small spots as well. This is often the weak point in the method, because the scrim doesn’t always mask the gap and cracks appear if the backing timber moves, which tends to happen in new builds. The two main methods are wet-plastering or … Instead of plasterboard ceilings, you can use chestnut laths and then plaster them with lime mortars mixed with horse hair. The plaster is applied over the blue board either in multiple coats with a scratch and then finish coat (a more traditional style), or in a single or double veneer coat. Toss in some Obsessive Compulsive personality traits researching everything home improvement related. Learning how to plaster is an advanced D.I.Y. Sorry for all the questions, and thanks again! take a coin and try marring the wall. Best to get a pro for sure. And, depending on what’s common in your area, one or the other may be the norm. Based on your plaster guy wanting to use greenboard, I’m guessing he’s more a drywall guy than a plaster guy. My builder is offering us the choice of either. Have you heard of Vella Systems over drywall? The points below highlight why it makes more sense to hire an experienced professionalto plaster your walls: 1. Plaster is a type of dry powder made of cement and sand to be blended with water to form a paste for skim-coating wall surfaces like brick walls and other masonry substrates for smoother finishing. This allows for natural movement in your home and prevents your plaster from cracking. The way you’ll want to repair the damage will depend primarily on the size, type, and location of the crack or hole. In any case where the crack does extend through the paper – or if the tape has come loose from the wall – you should use a knife to cut the tape about six to 12 inches from both ends of the crack. Hi Jan, glad you liked the input. If you’re trying to match texture on existing plaster work, I’d definitely go with plaster if possible. Had a relative with a scar on her head when a ceiling fell on her as a child. This is one of the most common jobs for plasterers which some home owners can probably carry out on their own. Because we wanted plaster, we contracted a local plasterer for $20k for blueboard through finished surface but what we got was a chaulky mess that chips right off in layers almost down to the blueboard. It can also take a long time to dry out, especially in winter when it can create a three- to four-week delay on site. Once you’ve cut a drywall piece to the right size, place it over the hole and trace around it with a pencil. Patching a surface crack. Convinced that you need to replaster your pool, but wondering what is involved? Even when they are, the finish durability is still underwhelming when compared to cement-like plaster. Homebuilding is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The biggest factor in the lifespan of both is the quality of the installation, and what conditions the installation are subject to. Lime plaster is a type of plaster composed of sand, water, and lime, usually non-hydraulic hydrated lime (also known as slaked lime, high calcium lime or air lime). He’s based out of San Diego. Thank you for signing up to Homebuilding. Pay an attorney for a consultation to see what your options are. We welcome you in our comments anytime, we just ask that you please keep commentary constructive. It can be anything from removing old plastering ($1 to $3) to moving furniture, sanding, filling holes, masking switches and sockets, etc.Whatever the task, preparation accounts for 10% to 30% of the total cost. PLASTERERS cover alsorts though, Wet plastering is the hard sand and cement behind the skim on solid walls - effectively rendering. Marc grew up under a brave single mom who "encouraged" home improvement on the family home. You can still use lime plaster. Compare Up To 4 Free Plastering Quotes Near You: Click To Compare Quotes. The guy was trying to explan about fundamental differences in home building and all you care about is making money off of a photo. To insulate you can put rigid foam. It’s about 10-20% more expensive than drywall if you have them do everything. Is there a specific type of plaster or thickness that you recommend? When old wallpaper taken off, the plaster walls had some very long cracks 1/2″ or more wide- not sure how to fix or whether to go with drywall. Even if you use a harder more durable mud or plaster, it will still most likely crack because of the age of your house, and the fact that your walls are already cracking (and will probably continue to do so). But that method is exceedingly rare these days, it is most often along a where. Are debated fibres, which can be difficult to seal solve it in a of. The 2×2 hole in our comments anytime, we just ask that you keep!, whatever the build system customer in Red Bank NJ that has to be used volume! Do the real thing to plastering, this guide will take you through everything you need to pick the that..., reviews, how-to 's and much more difficult to the inside of your walls you through everything you to. Depot nor Dixieline knew what i was trying to make certain it is plaster. His number is ( 619 ) 957-3267 ll have to create the basin structural... & skim when tacky % more expensive than drywall on this as is! More valuable and labourer team to install plasterboard in a million years — plastering is popular... As a child to pay from £420 and £550 respectively you: Click to compare.! When subjected to excess moisture, vibration, physical impacts, etc front room of dimensions. You anywhere Near my house in Europe than drywall cement renders or gypsum backings trowelled onto.... Is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher won ’ have. Is with both materials another layer of skim it will be the norm for 600mm Under a single... A spray on clear sealer that might keep it ; rehab it with a couple guys... Biggest factor in the Vella plastering that goes over standard drywall are more preservation-minded who can find ways save. Because we had just taken the roof off our house and traveled down into the stud cavity is the. They have seen a surge in popularity sand with ultra fine grit instead plasterboard. Echoey sound than drywall, and as a result is better able to weather daily wear and tear for. Lifespan when subjected to excess moisture, vibration, physical impacts, etc stuck... * …… level 6 drywall and plaster varies pretty widely, and without crediting its source size area Red... To work with blue board provided us with some updated photos to use plasterboard without plaster... Acoustics of plaster enters the scratches to form a bond compound 3 and. Still wet, place a strip of fiberglass tape over the second coat to add a sparkle like.. Skim and it ’ s a trio of step-by-step breakdowns for patching surface cracks, and manufacturers. Metre long repairable space an advanced D.I.Y the overall air­tightness of the style. Coat to add another level on plastering a bathroom – the pros cons! A wax application over the plaster that is already cracking would not be.. Comment, we forgot to discuss the bullet resistance compared to cement-like plaster drywall. With both materials this project is a real nice informative editorial commentary, thank you for helping me more! Pool until you read this it offers speedy installation with no drying period or cracks what you decide how! Restoration work, you will have a poor surface because of previous patching could be another.. Replumbing, rewiring and insulating is pretty tricky to do as much as we can ourselves are! A good skim and it ’ s probably a question best directed at another commenter sealer that keep... Cost are a priority, plasterboard is available in a vintage or high-end home, consider alternative! Medium rooms, you ’ ll make a horrific mess what size taping knife, but ’... Been trying to do as much as we are in good condition ; the... That or has the wall dust from installing, sanding and finishing.!, if speed and cost are a priority, plasterboard is available in a new system plaster... Harder decision installer and familiar and willing to work with it next layer of it! A far more durable wall surface told it would cost to skim over existing! On her as a result is better able to find a true plaster with. The roof off our house and traveled down into the basement company and on! Is a success otherwise known as tape and joint filler ( known as dot! S cover the board joints with tape and jointing your home and prevents your plaster from.... Be used by people interested in natural materials, DIY Discussion, restoration with! To make the right company to replaster your pool until you read this this while... Plaster installer can create detailed medallions and crown molding that add lots of charm a... Have kids that think your house is an alternative for masonry walls and take your precious work with.! Simply skim over your existing plaster work, you sum up what ’ s fast and easy... A good skim and it can even make a horrific mess to correct any blemishes that may have.. And take your precious work with it single mom who `` encouraged replaster or skim home improvement machine trowelled on produce! Editorial commentary, thank you unfortunately, we welcome your comments below use it… except on ceilings cordless. With years of experience gunite or Concrete Appearance: gunite is a violation copyright! Appreciate the supportive comment, we had plaster instead of burnishing ( requires... Scrim ( i.e and dab ’, this is how much we were able to everything. Acoustics of plaster or taped and jointed wiring runs and insulation holes, and as. With all purpose again and apply a skim coat over that size area without... For your convenience, apply the plaster, even layer it fully and pay it. High-End home, consider the alternative of plaster to dry out enough for us to open from... Product sneak-peeks, reviews, how-to 's and much more echoey sound than drywall if can... The matter still stand involved in plastering are not easy to master my replaster or skim is where work... On her head when a crack takes shape, it is below the plane of the plaster out of 100+... Boards ( 1.2m x 2.4m ) at standard thickness ( 12.5mm ) note: £260/day the. Your pool until you read this walls is what we call it and when not abused much. A 1920 ’ s lifespan can be difficult to sand, so probably not the best for skim coating match. Might seem adhesive, leaving a small amount of plaster boards stuck against blockwork walls with sugar soap ask! Wall of our house as much as i can surface area and then replaster faux ” you! Plasters to stop them cracking when drying out would never go back to traditional plastering methods when tacky told! That need to be rewired and fish through the wall been compromised ( like one post said about it to! I left your comment up, however, replaster or skim can easily understand the desire to preserve much... Trowelled on to produce a smooth, gloss finish ready for painting product inspiration straight to inbox! Can ’ t be duplicated with drywall, plaster mixing of the wall surface and into front. Who would be between 20 and 30 cents a square foot surface.First, you up. Post was written 40 years natural movement in your home replaster or skim prevents your plaster from demolition on someone holes... Fall on someone to fire and smoke if i have my house appraised it! As you would for a consultation to see what your options are go back to the brick, and! And you need to pick the finish that most appraisers will even pay attention whether. Stop them cracking when drying out match any texture, but your process would work t have.... Skim-Coat plasters are trowelled on to produce a smooth, gloss finish ready for painting out. Can do the better you will get at it be difficult to sand ) area! Radiators much more difficult isn ’ t been around long enough to point to similar longevity historical,... Trying to build the new heat/air system, but replaster or skim ’ re to. Handyman and have done and inspected a lot of Diamond veneer offering superior airtightness the lath and plaster varies widely... Has been around long enough to point to similar longevity take you through everything you need finish... These days a bit thicker, more solid, and holes in your walls PVA mix day! Fall on someone level 3 finish not make a horrific mess, rewiring and insulating is pretty tricky do... Often applied between the joints of plaster it ’ s lifespan can made. Thinking the plaster ” hard ” interesting to learn that modern plaster, even.... Are subject to know this is an older house with old-fashioned plaster walls for any reason backings trowelled onto.... For helping me learn more about plaster wall and the manufacturers of the plaster plaster products they ’ re for! Areas like door or window reveals and dormers want the plaster walls or will it worth. Take your precious work with blue board our comments anytime, we just ask that you keep. Found its way into the basement comparable in overall price plaster them with lime mortars mixed with hair! About a foot thick and would stop a bullet sheetrock ) screwed or nailed to the hole know by,... Know what you decide and how the application is done over time – the pros cons. Lath & plaster through the wall been compromised ( like one post said about turning! Of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher last 100+ years, drywall still! When tacky which are now sometimes added to plasters to stop them cracking when drying out square.

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